After a record breaking campaign last year, the United Way of Toombs, Montgomery and Wheeler Counties is off to a strong start this year.


To say it’s been a wild ride over the past few months would be an understatement. When we were all together last, it was for our big campaign celebration event at the end of November. A mere 3 months later, our world was turned upside down and inside out. Businesses and schools started to close, people began working from home, many were furloughed or laid off, and we saw the needs of our community begin to dramatically increase. And at United Way, our phones began to ring off the hook from people who needed assistance with basic needs. And this time it was different….different because many of the calls were from people who have never needed assistance before.

Within a week, we launched the Toombs/Montgomery/Wheeler Counties COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund. Our goal was to deliver rapid relief to individuals and families in these critical areas of need in our region:

  • Food, Shelter, and Utilities Assistance
  • Medical and Mental Health Services

But, our region is still suffering from the impacts of COVID-19. Many of the residents in our community are having to make tough decisions for their families. Decisions like having to choose between feeding their families or paying the light bill. But there is hope, and we can get through this crisis together, with your help. Here’s a glimpse into some of the most recent needs in our community:

This is just a small snapshot of what is happening in our community right now. While we don’t have all day to share every story with you, we CAN tell you that we have a huge increase in needs in our community. And that’s why we need you. With Government cut backs to our agencies they are depending on our U W to keep their doors open. As you will see, the needs in our community are immense. But we know that this is a community that’s always up for a challenge. Many of you have seen incredible acts of kindness from your neighbors, co-workers, and even strangers over the past 5 months. We have so many everyday heroes right here in our region, and right here at this event. Speaking of heroes, some of the true heroes in this work are our partner agencies. We are SO thankful to these 18 Partner Agencies for the incredible work they do each day serving our community on the frontline-you show up to serve early in the morning, late at night, on weekends, and everywhere in between. THANK YOU.

You went through a simulation exercise that truly showed where many of the needs were in our community. So while COVID is top of mind for so many of us right now, let’s not forget that the issues we’ve been working to tackle before COVID-19 are still present today-over 25 to 30% of our families are living in poverty or are the working poor, many of our children are still facing education barriers, and families are struggling to achieve financial stability, and lead healthy, productive lives. We need YOU to help us Lead Families Forward.

2022 United Way Virtual Kick-Off Celebration